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How It Started

Summer Nightlife Outreach is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). It was started by the YWAM base in Constanta, Romania in the summer of 2017.

Having started with the Romanian coast on the Black Sea, and having seen its impact, we have a vision to see YWAM teams sent to all the coastal towns and cities in Europe that are known for young people partying.

In 2019, we sent out our first teams into three different party resorts across Europe and we were able to see Jesus move in incredible ways!  Many lives have been changed forever as Jesus stepped into the party scene! Encouraged by the many testimonies, we are anticipating even greater things to happen in years to come!

The Heart of It All

Millions of young people in Europe pass through holiday resorts every summer, looking to enjoy the sun, the beach and the party scenes of our coastal towns and cities.

Away from home and their daily responsibilities, their normal boundaries are thrown out of the window and we often find them looking for a good time through excessive drinking, experimenting with drugs, and sex.

The very things that were supposed to guarantee a good time often prove to be empty and even destructive…
What if we could be right there? What if we could offer them something better? What if we sent teams into the party scenes of these holiday resorts, ready to love on the people, ready to share the Gospel with them and ready to lead them into an encounter with Jesus?

Our vision is to see the young people in the party scene transformed through an encounter with Jesus!

Summer Nightlife Outreach 2024

Our goal for 2024 is to send out 50-75 participants into five popular party resorts. Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to be sent? Are you ready to lead the young people into an encounter with Jesus? So join us for our Summer Nightlife Outreach 2024!

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