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2024 Outreach

Beginning on August 3rd, we hope to gather teams of 10-15 participants in various outreach locations across the party scenes in Europe. We will start off with three days of teaching, training and worship both in our teams and all together online. During those days, the participants will also have the opportunity to “practice” outreach and then review it with everyone.

In the following 10 days, teams will go into the party scenes of each city and facilitate young people experiencing Jesus’ truth, love and healing power in the middle of the busy and crowded streets. Each outreach team will be led by experienced YWAM staff. Within these 10 days the teams will have one day off where they can explore the city and do team building activities together.

To wrap everything up, there will be one day of debrief in each team and with all of the teams online. Testimonies will be collected and everyone’s experiences evaluated for future year’s improvements.

This year, Summer Nightlife Outreach will focus on the following locations:





Vama Veche




To each of these locations we will send a team of 10-15 participants, led by experienced YWAM staff.

Important: You might have been approached by one of our outreach leaders to join our Summer Nightlife Outreach 2024. If this is the case we kindly ask you to register for the outreach location that your outreach leader has invited you to join. If you have found out about Summer Nightlife Outreach in a different way, feel free to register for a location of your choice.

We will require a €25 registration fee once we have received your references and confirmed your place. We will send you an email to inform you about further payment information (including what to pay upon arrival). Based on the specific outreach location and its accommodation, we might require a second online payment.

Register before April 30th to qualify for Early Bird Registration and save €25!

2024 Outreach Prices by location:

Ibiza, Spain


Albufeira, Portugal


Vama Veche,


Crete, Greece



This covers meals, accommodations (from the night of 3rd August through the morning of 17th August 2024), local transportation, online training, and resources.

*Accommodation will range from sleeping bunk beds in YWAM bases/hostels, to sleeping on mattresses in a church/a house, depending on location.


Your travel to/from outreach location, travel insurance and any required visa costs.


Should Summer Nightlife Outreach have to cancel an outreach, the participant’s money paid to Summer Nightlife Outreach will be fully refunded. Expenses paid by a participant outside of Summer Nightlife Outreach will not be refunded. For example, a participant’s travel insurance or transportation to the outreach locations will not be refunded as the participant is responsible for finding those.

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